With its new water treatment plant up and running, the city of Wolfforth said Monday it is in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act regulations. The improved water comes after the construction of a $6.7 million water treatment facility. The city’s electrodialysis reversal plant, or EDR plant.  “We saw improvement in a lot of things,” said Newsom. “People have come to me and said they’ve turned off their water softeners, they’ve turned off their treatment systems and things.

Usually we don’t hear about things unless people are complaining about them, but we’ve actually had people tell us how much better the quality is.


The overall goal of this project was to promote compliance using sound engineering and financial methods and data for PWSs that had recently recorded sample results exceeding maximum contaminant levels (MCL). The primary objectives of this project were to provide feasibility studies for PWSs and the TCEQ Water Supply Division that evaluate water supply compliance options, and to suggest a list of compliance alternatives that may be further investigated by the subject PWS for future implementation.

Reverse osmosis (RO) and electrodialysis (EDR) centralized treatment alternatives for fluoride and arsenic removal have been developed and were considered for this report. Pointof-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) treatment alternatives were also considered. Temporary solutions such as providing bottled water or providing a centralized dispenser for treated or trucked-in water, were also considered as alternatives. Developing a new well close to City of Wolfforth is likely to be the best solution if compliant groundwater can be found. Having a new well close to City of Wolfforth is likely to be one of the lower cost alternatives since the PWS already possesses the technical and managerial expertise needed to implement this option. The cost of new well alternatives quickly increases with pipeline length, making proximity of the alternate source a key concern. A new compliant well or obtaining water from a neighboring compliant PWS has the advantage of providing compliant water to all taps in the system.

Services We Provided

  • Capital program planning and management
  • Asset management
  • Comprehensive/land use planning and growth management
  • Development plan review
  • Downtown development district planning
  • Policy development
  • Engineering and design services
  • Streetscape and roadway improvements
  • Environmental compliance
  • Utility investigation and design
  • Resource management
  • GIS and database applications development
  • Water Teatment 1
  • Water Treatment 2
  • Water Treatment 3


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