Construction on Wolfforth Water
Treatment Plant Continues

A story on OJD Engineering’s, EDR Water Treatment Plant in Wolfforth. First of its kind in Texas.

LUBBOCK, TX – A new water treatment plant will hopefully be up and running in the spring. Wolfforth’s City Manager Darrell Newsom said the process of building the new treatment plant also included other improvements, including cleaning the water towers in town and building additional water storage.

“We’ve built another million and a half gallons of water storage directly behind me,” Newsom said, “which has really helped on the stress of our wells, we’re able to pump our wells less often and with less stress on them.”

The plans for the plant started years ago.

“Several years ago, probably 10 years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality lowered the minimal acceptable standards for the mount of arsenic in water, and so our first issue was with the arsenic we have naturally occurring in our water,” Newsom said.

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He also said the water is currently safe.  “Yes, it’s safe to drink and it’s absolutely perfect to use, but the product we’ll have now will be one of the most superior in the state when we actually get that in,” he said.